The 2022 Velocity Fund grantees:

Shannon Brooks, Vinetta Miller sharing artwork in response to Undue Burden
Shannon Brooks, Vinetta Miller sharing artwork in response to Undue Burden


Shannon Brooks (she/they)

UNDUE BURDEN is a digital community archive and exhibition series created by Disabled people in Philadelphia. We invite Disabled artists from Philadelphia to contribute to the archive and respond to existing archival materials. Their responses are documented and folded into the archive. We will use the Velocity Grant to expand the archive to include additional oral/video, visual, and demonstrative histories, improve digital access, and curate an accessible physical exhibition with remote accessibility.  Collaborators include: Pam Price, Maggie Mills, Vinetta Miller, Byahat Ham, Parker Gabriel and Peter Schranz.

Photo by Aidan Un, Spirit on 52nd St., 2022-2023 (Group Work Sample)


Amelia Carter (she/her)

“Spirit on 52nd St.” is an experimental short documentary (40 minutes) about the historically Black business corridor in West Philadelphia. This film will cultivate an intergenerational community conversation about the corridor. Through dialogue exploring culture, ownership, gentrification, uprising, and memory we will excavate the “spirit” embodied by the street. With the community, we will reimagine the corridor’s future by reconciling its past and letting the spirit speak.

Maia Chao & Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Still from site visit at RAIR. Waste Scenes, 2022


Maia Chao (she/her) & Fred Schmidt-Arenales (he/him)

As artists in residence at RAIR (Recycling Artist in Residence) in Philadelphia, we will develop, rehearse, and film a series of performances that take place at an operating construction and demolition waste recycling facility. The project will attempt to forge a stronger bond between waste and everyday life. It will include observational footage, scripted and improvised spoken text, as well as music, dance, and song, all derived from materials pulled from the waste stream.

Logan Cryer, Documentation of “Now, One With Everyone!” exhibition, 2022


Logan Cryer (they/them)

“Invited: Take Care of the Square Footage” celebrates the curatorial work that happens outside of institutional contexts. 10 Philadelphia-based organizers will be Invited to work within the Icebox Project Space gallery, which will be divided into 10 unique exhibiting spaces. Throughout the public exhibition, free workshops will assist participants in developing skills around wall fabrication, art handling, the operation of A/V equipment, grant writing, and budgeting.

Stephen Foster, 10 Percent, 2019


Stephen Foster (he/him)

I’m seeking funding to create a book, exhibition, and public programming about the intimate experiences of incarceration, framed within the larger contexts of racism, slavery, surveillance, and capitalism.

Nicolo Gentile, Tough Love, 2021


Nicolo Gentile (he/they)

A series of site-based public sculptures and performances that explores Philadelphia’s radical Queer past and the act of remembrance as a gesture of communal mourning, celebration, and exegesis.

Stills from Sound & The Body Serpentine Bead Performance, October 2021, Violet Cutler & Ana Woulfe

Cathode Ray Tapestries: Memory, Nostalgia & Analog Video Synthesis

Sound Museum Collective

Sound Museum Collective will organize a 6-week, open-to-the-public experimental video synthesis art project based on ideas of collective memory, deprogramming and nostalgia, culminating in a final performance and introductory video synthesis workshop.

Melissa Langer, Archival Image of 1986 Trash Strikes
Melissa Langer, Archival Image of 1986 Trash Strikes

In Excess

Melissa Langer (she/her) 

In Excess traces Philadelphia’s protracted efforts to curb illegal dumping and littering through a series of vignettes about excess, neglect, and human behavior. Presented as both a multichannel video installation and a non-fiction feature film, the project reveals the complex ecosystem of the city’s many fraught campaigns to manage its own waste.

Gilletta McGraw, My Entire Short Life…So Far…Second Version, 2021

Black In The Days: A Community Building, Multidisciplinary, Interactive Memoir

Gilletta McGraw (she/her)

Performance art meets reader’s theater as a coming of age story involving an unusual black girl and her colorfully dysfunctional Philadelphia based family is told innovatively using first person narrative. Presented as a one-woman dramatic project, the artist takes viewers on a journey spanning the 1970s to the 2000s. Performed with script-in-hand and PowerPoint slides to provide visual enhancements, audience talk back segments are weaved throughout the performance for full-on participation.

Li Sumpter, Art of Survival Agents of Escape 2017

Illadelph Dreams: 2045

Li Sumpter (she/her)

Illadelph Dreams: 2045 is a multimedia immersive theater production that reimagines the world of the sci-fi classic film Blade Runner through an afrofuturistic, BIPOC perspective. The speculative story, set in future Philadelphia, follows a reluctant member of an underground colony of humanoids planning a revolt against their human makers. Illadelph explores themes of oppression and liberation, solidarity and survival, and the nature of technology and the human soul. The project will be developed for the stage in collaboration withTheatre in the X led by company founders LaNeshe Miller-White, Walter DeShields, and Carlo Campbell. 

Mat Tomezsko, Revolutionary Philadelphia, 2021


Mat Tomezsko (he/him)

Revolutionary Philadelphia is a series of collaborative artworks produced through a process of research, analysis, and discussion among high school students, social justice educators, and an artist. Launched in Summer 2021, Revolutionary Philadelphia is a partnership between Philadelphia artist Mat Tomezsko and the University Community Collaborative, a media-based social justice initiative, housed at Temple University, that provides leadership programming for high school students in Philadelphia.

Feini Yin, Fishing in Long Island


feini yin (they/them)

“Our Fishing Log” is a Philly-centered storytelling project about our local fish, people who love fish, and the ways fish connect us to the world, each other, and ourselves. The project includes a podcast, photography series, and accompanying gyotaku (traditional fish printing) workshops for youth. Each episode follows a different species of fish found in waters local to the Philadelphia region, from catching the fish to sharing it in a meal with a local cook. ​​This project will be done in collaboration with Fishadelphia, which aims to make fresh, local seafood accessible to Philadelphia’s diverse communities.